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Call to undefined method Illuminate\Foundation\Application::getCachedCompilePath()

For some reasons this error “Call to undefined method Illuminate\Foundation\Application::getCachedCompilePath()” accure when you update laravel version or. Just delete: vendor/compiled.php storage/framework/compiled.php And run php composer update Read More

Call to a member function isValid() on a non-object in Laravel 5

When upload files to Laravel 5 and got error “Call to a member function isValid() on a non-object” make sure you have added the “enctype=”multipart/form-data”” attribute(directive) to your form.   Read More

Class ‘App\Http\Controllers\PushManager’ not found on Laravel 5

While testing Laravel 5 Push Notification Service by “” got the error “Class ‘App\Http\Controllers\PushManager’ not found”. Solution: Just add “use PushNotification”. Read More