Month: January 2016

Zurb Foundation top bar with offset logo Read More

Download and install: Ruby – Python – NPM – XAMPP – Uncomment extension=php_fileinfo.dll from php.ini In case you miss php_fileinfo.dll you will need to install it into your XAMPP VirtualBox – Windows users should add path to VboxManage into Path. You can do so from My Computer -> Properties -> Read More

How to import an SQL file using the command line in MySQL?

Sometimes mysql exports files are too big to import by PhpMyAdmin upload. So you have to get your ssh access and import the base by sql dump file. Just type in the directory where your dump file is located: mysql -u username -p database < databasedump.sql The password will be asked by the command line. Read More

linux extract gz to folder

How to linux extract gz to folder. Just type: gunzip my-arhive.gz Read More


The best way to imlement adding language to multilanguage database is to create a language reference from a existing language reference. In my sample below, I get the language rerefences of language with id 3 and clone it into language reference with language_id 4. INSERT INTO gallery_pictures_l (languages_id, picture_id, description) SELECT 4, picture_id, description FROM Read More